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Text Language English
Authors Takuma Yamaguchi , Minoru Maruyama, Hidetoshi Miyao and Yasuaki Nakano
Title Digit recognition in a natural scene with skew and slant normalization
Book_Title IJDAR
Series Online first
Month & Year February 2005
Abstract This paper proposes a method to recognize digits in a natural scene, such as telephone numbers on a signboard. Candidate regions of digits are extracted from an image through contrast enhancement, edge extraction, and labeling. Since the target text patterns are in a 3D space, unlike traditional character recognition problems, we have to deal with the image transformation effect due to the orientation in the 3D space and projection. We have to cancel the effect as much as possible before digit recognition. In our method, the image transformation effect is modeled as skew and slant. In the proposed method, simplified Hough transform is used for the skew normalization. After the skew normalization, the remaining effect of image transformation is corrected by circumscribing digit patterns with tilted rectangles and affine transformation. In experiments, we tested a total of 1,332 images of signboards with 11,939 digits. We obtained a digit extraction rate of 99.2% and a correct digit recognition rate of 98.8%.
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