Detail of Publication

Text Language Japanese
Authors Masakazu IWAMURA, Seiichi UCHIDA, Shinichiro OMACHI, and Koichi KISE
Title Quantity of Information of Recognition ―How Many Bits Are Lacking for 100% Recognition?―
Journal 信学技報
Series PRMU2004-237
Month & Year March 2005
Abstract The ultimate dream in pattern recognition is to achieve 100% of recognition rate. However, it is not so easy. In this report, for achieving 100% of recognition rate and 0% of rejection rate, we propose a new framework that the discriminator receives not only a pattern itself but also supplementary information about the class that the pattern belongs to. For printed characters, experiments showed that 4 bits are required in the leave-one-out (L) method and 1 bit is in the resubstitution (R) method. Such kind of quantity of information has different characteristics from recognition rates and ambiguity after recognition. This criterion can be a new criterion of a discriminator.
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