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論文の言語 日本語
著者 岩村 雅一, 堀松 晃, 丹羽 亮, 黄瀬 浩一, 内田 誠一, 大町 真一郎
論文名 段階的な枝刈りによるアフィン不変な文字認識
論文誌名 電気学会論文誌(D)
Vol. 131
No. 7
ページ pp.873-879
年月 2011年7月
要約 Recognizing characters in scene images suffering from perspective distortion is a challenge. Although there are some methods to overcome this difficulty, they are time-consuming. In this paper, we propose a set of affine invariant features and a new recognition scheme called “progressive removing” that can help reduce the processing time. Progressive removing gradually removes less feasible categories and skew angles by using multiple classifiers. We observed that progressive removing and the use of the affine invariant features reduced the processing time by about 60% in comparison to a trivial one without decreasing the recognition rate.
DOI 10.1541/ieejias.131.873