Second International Workshop on
Camera-Based Document Analysis and Recognition

September 22, 2007

Grand Hotel Rayon, Curitiba, Brazil

Accepted Papers
ORAL Presentation
POSTER Presentation

ORAL Presentation (7papers)

ID Paper Title Authors
32615 Perspective rectification for mobile phone camera-based documents using a hybrid approach to vanishing point detection Xu-Cheng Yin, Jun Sun, Yusaku Fujii, Katsuhito Fujimoto, Satoshi Naoi
32652 A framework towards real-time detection and tracking of text Carlos Merino, Majid Mirmehdi
32661 Mobile Retriever - Finding Document with a Snapshot Xu Liu, David Doermann
32728 Camera Based Document Image Retrieval with More Time and Memory Efficient LLAH Tomohiro Nakai, Koichi Kise, Masakazu Iwamura
32729 Instance-Based Skew Estimation of Document Images by a Combination of Variant and Invariant Seiichi Uchida, Megumi Sakai, Masakazu Iwamura, Shinichiro Omachi, Koichi Kise
32732 Usage of continuous skeletal image representation for document images de-warping Anton Masalovitch, Leonid Mestetskiy
32735 Font and Background Color Independent Text Binarization Thotreingam Kasar, Jayant Kumar, Angarai Ganeshan Ramakrishnan

POSTER Presentation (12papers)

ID Paper Title Authors
32075 A Model-based Book Dewarping Method Using Text Line Detection Bin Fu, Minghui Wu, Rongfeng Li, Wenxin Li, Zhuoqun Xu
32140 Automatic Borders Detection of Camera Document Images Nikolaos Stamatopoulos, Basilis Gatos, Anastasios Kesidis
32462 Processing Teaching-board Images Acquired with Portable Digital Cameras Daniel Oliveira, Rafael Lins
32654 Robust Document Image Enhancement with Watershed Segmentation Jian Fan
32658 A Camera Based Digit Location and Recognition System for Garment Tracking Anli Sun, Xi Wang, Hong Wei
32678 Automatic Scene Text Recognition using a Convolutional Neural Network Zohra Saidane, Christophe Garcia
32695 PhotoDoc: A Toolbox for Processing Document Images Acquired Using Portable Digital Cameras Gabriel Silva, Rafael Lins
32720 Effective Feature Extraction Using Low-Resolution Images Hirotaka Ohta, Kazuhiko Yamamoto
32723 Text Detection in Natural Scene Images using Spatial Histograms Shehzad Hanif, Lionel Prevost
32725 Comparison between Pen-scanner and Digital Camera Acquisition for Engraved Character Recognition Celine Mancas-Thillou, Matei Mancas
32731 Rectifying Perspective Distortion into Affine Distortion Using Variants and Invariants Masakazu Iwamura, Ryo Niwa, Koichi Kise, Seiichi Uchida, Shinichiro Omachi
32733 Multimedia scenario extraction and content indexing for e-learning Thomas Martin, Alain Boucher, Jean-Marc Ogier, Mathias Rossignol, Eric Castelli