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Authors Keiichi IWAMURA, Masaki KAWAMURA, Minoru KURIBAYASHI, Motoi IWATA, Hyunho KANG, Seiichi GOHSHI, and Akira NISHIMURA
Title Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
Vol. 100
No. 1
Pages pp.2-12
Month & Year January 2017
Abstract Within information hiding technology, digital watermarking is one of the most important technologies for copyright protection of digital content. Many digital watermarking schemes have been proposed in academia. However, these schemes are not used, because they are not practical; one reason for this is that the evaluation criteria are loosely defined. To make the evaluation more concrete and improve the practicality of digital watermarking, watermarking schemes must use common evaluation criteria. To realize such criteria, we organized the Information Hiding and its Criteria for Evaluation (IHC) Committee to create useful, globally accepted evaluation criteria for information hiding technology. The IHC Committee improves their evaluation criteria every year, and holds a competition for digital watermarking based on state-of-the-art evaluation criteria. In this paper, we describe the activities of the IHC Committee and its evaluation criteria for digital watermarking of still images, videos, and audio.
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