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論文の言語 英語
著者 Shoya Ishimaru, Kai Kunze, Katsuma Tanaka, Yuji Uema, Koichi Kise, Masahiko Inami
論文名 Smarter Eyewear — Using Commercial EOG Glasses for Activity Recognition
論文誌名 Proceedings of the 2014 ACM Conference on pervasive and ubiquitous computing adjunct publication (UbiComp2014)
ページ pp.239-242
発表場所 Seattle, USA
発表の種類 口頭ならびにポスター発表
年月 2014年9月
要約 Smart eyewear computing is a relatively new subcategory in ubiquitous computing research, which has enormous potential. In this paper we present a first evaluation of soon commercially available Electrooculography (EOG) glasses (J!NS MEME) for the use in activity recognition. We discuss the potential of EOG glasses and other smart eye-wear. Afterwards, we show a first signal level assessment of MEME, and present a classification task using the glasses. We are able to distinguish of 4 activities for 2 users ( typing, reading, eating and talking) using the sensor data (EOG and acceleration) from the glasses with an accuracy of 70 % for 6 sec. windows and up to 100 % for a 1 minute majority decision. The classification is done user-independent.
DOI 10.1145/2638728.2638795