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論文の言語 英語
著者 Martin Klinkigt and Koichi Kise and Heiko Maus and Andreas Dengel
論文名 Semantic Retrieval of Images by Learning from Wikipedia
論文誌名 15th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems
Vol. 6884
ページ pp.212-221
出版社 Springer LNCS
年月 2011年9月
要約 In this paper we develop a prototype of an image management system supporting the user organizing his images with the help of semantic annotations. The system automatically contributes such annotations to close the gap between images and concepts expressing their content. We propose a novel integration into a Semantic Desktop and the usage of Wikipedia to address the common problem of initial knowledge acquisition and improvement of the performance. With an evaluation on a challenging dataset out system outperforms a purely image processing based approach by 30%.